Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Interview - Vivian McPeak Executive Director of Seattle Hempfest

Spokane Debbie sits down with Vivian McPeak Executive Director of Seattle Hempfest at Oly Hempfest.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Allen F. St. Pierre - Executive Director NORML

An informal interview with Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director NORML, at Seattle Hempfest 2005.

Allen was hired by NORML in early 1991 as Communications Director, in 1993 he became the organization's Deputy National Director. In January 2005 Mr. St. Pierre became the Executive Director of NORML. Mr. St. Pierre serves on both NORML and the NORML Foundation's Board of Directors and is secretary to both. Early in 1997, The NORML Foundation was created and Mr. St. Pierre currently serves as it's founding Executive Director. Mr. St. Pierre is the Executive Editor of NORML/The NORML Foundation's reports, publications and webpage as well as the organizations' archivist.

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