Monday, September 26, 2005

CBS News | Montel: Pot Decision 'Crazy' | June 7, 2005

CBS News | Montel: Pot Decision 'Crazy' | June 7, 2005: "A visibly frustrated Montel Williams says the Supreme Court's decision that patients can be prosecuted for using prescribed marijuana medicinally is 'crazy.'

The Emmy Award-winning talk show host told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm Tuesday that he uses the drug himself 'every single evening' to fight the pain from multiple sclerosis.

The high Court ruled that federal authorities may prosecute patients who use marijuana on doctors' orders, but said Congress could change the law to permit pot use for medical reasons. The action was in response to a Bush administration appeal of a case it lost in 2003. "

"I'm paying my taxes so I can work every day. If you come after me for this, I'll stop working. I don't know what else to say."
Talk show host Montel Williams