Thursday, October 27, 2005 Pro-Pot Billboards Go Up, Without Image (Access Video) Pro-Pot Billboards Go Up, Without Image: "The group behind the pro-pot initiative on the Denver ballot has changed its controversial billboards.

The old one that had been scheduled to debut on Monday showed a battered woman, suggesting that if pot were decriminalized, there would be less domestic abuse resulting from alcohol. Those billboards were yanked, and the new billboard which has gone up carries the same message, but without the picture.

'We believe that if adults were provided with the alternative to use marijuana instead of alcohol, then we could cut back on quite a number of the incidents that occur,' marijuana use supporter Mason Tvert said.

Opponents say the group's entire ad campaign is deceptive, especially the Vote Yes yard signs that say 'Make Denver Safer.'" (more)


At 5:25 PM, Blogger thehim said...

Smart message. I like that anti-prohibition forces are getting much better at conveying the right things.


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