Friday, October 28, 2005

Red Ribbon rappin'

Red Ribbon rappin':

photos by Pico Van Houtryve/THE PRESS-TRIBUNE Gates Elementary fifth-graders, from left, Sidney Raey-Gonzales, Tess Wenning, Andrew Greenblatt and Audrey Farris perform a "say no to drugs" rap during a Red Ribbon Week assembly Monday.

"If you want kids to learn about the danger of using drugs, leave it up to the big kids.

They won't just teach - they'll rap.

'You're too smart to start, listen to your heart, you know you've got to think, before you take a drink, yo,' recited Sidney Raey-Gonzales, one of four Gates Elementary fifth-graders who performed a 'Drugs Away - You've Got the Power' rap for the school during a Red Ribbon Week assembly Monday afternoon.

Gates Elementary, like many other schools across the country, is observing Red Ribbon Week with events aimed at promoting drug- and alcohol-free lifestyles.

'I think the emphasis is the awareness piece so the students will make healthy choices,' explained Janet Handley, Gates principal.

'Too Smart to Start' is this year's red ribbon theme, and it was acted out, rapped and pledged in an event led by Gates' three fifth-grade classes." (more)

NOTE: It is ironic that the Carpe Vino wine store's animated ad is featured in this anti-alcohol article.


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