Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Medical Marijuana - About WAMM

Medical Marijuana - About WAMM: "WAMM has emerged as a unique model, a patient self-help alliance, and an alternative to the inflated prices of an illicit black market. Need rather than financial capability affirm the inherent value of medical marijuana. A handful of seriously ill patients has grown into a collective membership of more than 250 seriously intentioned citizens"

Active in education and research, we provide data regarding our findings. Information collected since 1993 regarding the efficacy of different marijuana varieties and measured effects on different symptoms is the basis for our study. I have recently completed a second paper, Differential Effects of Medical Marijuana Based on Strain & Route of Administration: A Three-Year Observational Study, peer reviewed and published in 2001. Our financial support is entirely dependent upon donations and funding.

In 1973, Valerie Corral (left) was in an automobile accident that left her so severely epileptic. She often suffered from m five seizures a day, She began using marijuana as an adjunct medicine. This treatment replaced a rigorous pharmaceutical regimen. With deliberate application and mindful monitoring, marijuana was to eventually become the sole medication that has controlled her seizures for well over a decade.



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