Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Colorado State Collegian - An Interview with The Weasel About Ganja

I know the legalization of cannabis (let's see how many different terms I can use today) is a high-priority grassroots issue for Coloradans (pun intended). With this in mind, I decided to write a column about the issue after interviewing a prominent member of the weed community here in Fort Collins who smokes "copious amounts of ganja" and also happens to be a good friend, known as the "Weasel."

I asked the Weasel about his thoughts on I-100 and the legalization of marijuana and he thought the I-100 measure would do little to help legalize marijuana other than making the issue a hotly discussed topic right now. The initiative hasn't done much more than that, because although the voters in Denver have spoken, state laws supersede city laws. Denver police will continue to write citations for the petty offense.

On the issue of the actual legalization, the Weasel said the hypocrisy at hand is that the state looks down on cheeba, but has no problem with alcohol. Indeed the I-100 campaign even raised these same talking points about being high versus being drunk.

The Weasel asserts being high is different for everyone, but it's not near as debilitating as being drunk. He also told me the government clearly has an alternate agenda with pot because of the propaganda they put out against the substance. (more)

By Tyler Whittman


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