Friday, November 04, 2005

Evidence reveals genuine health potential for cannabis

Evidence reveals genuine health potential for cannabis: "Recent research and public opinion make a strong case for the legalization of medicinal and recreational hemp, or marijuana.

Denver residents voted 54 percent in favor of an ordinance decriminalizing city hemp laws, letting citizens possess up to one ounce, according to The Associated Press.

This is the latest in a hard-fought battle for changes in federal hemp policy, particularly the Angel Raich case over medical marijuana. Her case went to the Supreme Court in June, back-firing, with the high court saying local and state laws do not trump federal laws.

Denver residents did not negate state and federal laws by passing the city ordinance.

Recreational support relies on public opinion, but medicinal support weighs heavy on scientific analysis. Medical studies conducted in Canada by the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Calgary build a case for legalizing both forms of usage."


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