Friday, November 18, 2005

Mark Levine's Radio Inside Scoop: This Bush Crony Has Blood on His Hands!

This Bush Crony Has Blood on His Hands!
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THE INSIDE SCOOP on George W. Bush's Former Ambassador to Italy, Melvin Sembler, who ran a teen drug rehab center where thousands of American teens were physically and mentally abused in horrific, degrading ways.

Guest: Reporter John Gorenfeld

Comment Excerpts

I was a victim of straight inc in Sarasota Florida. I wish I could call in tonight but I have to work.

If I could have called I would have stated that these abuses have NOT STOPPED there is no regulation of these type of "mal"treatment centers and the directors need only grease the palms of the republicans and they are protected. HMM Hush money, Bribery? Does this smack of racateering?

Another point I think should be made is that "OPRAH" did an entire show on STRAIGHT in the 80s and the admin numbers jummped. To this day "OPRAH" has NEVER made an attempt to amend or take any responsability for being dupped into the STRAIGHT GAME.

And another point is that Alot of kids who left STRAIGHT and went into STATES CUSTODY were questioned and then hidden out of state during the investigation of the 80s. I was hidden in Devereux GA just 25 mins. from the ATLANTA program. As a matter of fact Kristen Stottelmeyer who came from Atlanta and was a victim of straight and also a victim of Devereux Killed herself. Alot of kids from the VA and Atlanta programs have attempted suicide, What the hell went on up there! I remember JR and SR staff from Sarasota were sent up there to start the program and I was threatened to be sent there. My mother tried to enrole my sister there 3 years after I escaped, It was by the grace of God that she was spared the heinous treatment I and all the other victims suffered.

It seemed the more Straight got away with the more they did to hurt us.

I hold the STATE OF FLORIDA RESPONSIBLE along with all members of STRAIGHT Staff Directors Parents and volunteers. Any one who says "They didn't know" are FULL OF SHIT! there were reports, children bloodied AND bruised, hospital records when we were lucky enough to be brought to the hospital. I was brought there once to SARASOTA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Penny I forget her last name and Lisa Ringland accompanied me with a couple of other straightlings My shoulder was dislocated after being sat on for hours it is in the hospital report somewhere, I told them of the abuses at STRAIGHT, My mother was a nurse there. YET I WAS SENT BACK TO STRAIGHT.

Another STRAIGHTLING then LIFER Mary Azadian has stated that she would tell the truth about me being bloddied she remembers and she is a PRO LIFE/Straight person. try to find and talk to her. You see it was a terror camp a gulagh a time in my life that I wish I could forget but instead is burnt into my memory FOREVER. And every day I remember more.

Thank you for having the courage to expose STRAIGHT FOR WHAT IT WAS AN AMERICAN GULAGH KINDER JUGEN A TORTURE CAMP paid for by our parents and sponsered by the state and federal government.

Posted by: samantha monroe at November 10, 2005 01:06 PM

Thank you for doing this story. I was in Straight Dallas in 1989 for 5 months. I had smoked pot one time a year before. I was screamed at constantly, told that I was lying about everything, that I was a drug addict and that I was full of shit. I lived in fear of being stood up and confronted for god only knew what...whatever they decided to make up that day. I didn't understand what was happening, and I was too young to consider that the people running that place were crazy. I eventually "came to believe" (as in the the 2nd step I believe) that I was a drug addict. I grew to be in constant fear of being full of shit, fake, prideful, of thinking of running away (which was also against the rules), of singing any songs in my head, of looking the wrong way during raps. I learned how to lock up all of my "wrong" thoughts into a little box and keep them there. That place was deplorable and how it could stay open and have spin offs in operation even today is something I just can't even fathom.

Posted by: jane at November 12, 2005 12:34 AM

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