Thursday, December 22, 2005

YouTube - SNL - The Chronic of Narnia Rap

YouTube - SNL - The Chronic of Narnia Rap: ""


- This is especially funny if you live in NYC. Magnolia does have some damn tasty cupcakes. And of course everyone sneaks food into the theater... At $10+ per ticket, who wouldn't? For me, this is more a spoof on a typical nerdy/lame NYC Sunday rather than a rap spoof. (This video is almost exactly how my weekend went, including the debate about internet map sites). Bravo!

- Best SNL skit since Will Farrell's cowbell sketch.

NOTE: The Chronic of Narnia Rap was created by the Bing Bong Brothers

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reefer Madness - Now Available for Video iPod Download

Sometimes, propaganda is so blatant, and so obvious, that it is impossible to take serious. Take the 1938 movie "Reefer Madness", for example.

A title that perfectly suits the movie, but not in the way it was perceived when this piece of propaganda was released.

A "reefer" is a spliff, or a joint. A "marihuana cigarette". And this movie is all about the dread marihuana, as they call it in the movie. And there's just too much madness in the movie.

Smoking weed is presented as the reason for a 16 year old boy to kill his entire family, for example. During the entire movie you're being presented to an extreme version of all the prejudice there is against marihuana.

Reefer Madness is a movie with players and a script. It's not a documentary. And that makes it an invaluable piece of comedy, even though it is never intended as such. But aren't these things the most funny, in some way?

The story is located in a little town. You're being introduced to a group of friends. They're being tempted into marijuana use.

As soon as they smoke a little bit, they completely change. One -ofcourse under the influence of marijuana- causes a car accident. You'll even witness a sexual assault caused by a few draws from the reefer. And murder.

A young man smokes a joint, and then loses all self-control which makes him rape the girl. the girl resists and the boy shoots her dead. Or didn't he? In court, he's found guilty and death sentence is put on him.

In another scene, the police enters the house of someone who is under the influence of marijuana and as a result kills the policeman. All the while, his girlfriend laughs her brains out...

This unintentional comedy shows the reefer madness. The people who believe that this great comedy really isn't a comedy at all. They would perfectly agree with this scene, where a judge sentences someone to a "house of the criminally insane" for the rest of his life on the basis of marijuana use.

And that's the true reefer madness.

However, there are some really great scenes, some great acting, and the story-line has some nice angles. (blog comment)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Jeff Steinborn

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Jeff Steinborn's talk at NORML's 2005 Key West Legal Seminar.